Sweet Kid’s Book by Pickerington Couple

Trudy the Cupcake goes a little overboard with sprinkles in the hopes of winning the title of “Cupcake of the Month” in the book, Trudy and the Cupcake of the Month Contest, now available from Pentecostal Publishing.

As she rushes to the bakery window for the judging, Trudy loses all her decorations. She learns an important lesson about the value of inner beauty.

Trudy and the Cupcake of the Month Contest is the debut work of Pickerington author Sara Rowland. 

“I know many women and girls struggle with not feeling beautiful or special or not being enough, and I wanted to write a book that would share the idea that we are special just the way God made us,” Sara said.

Rowland’s husband, artist Wilmer Rowland, Jr., created Trudy and her cupcake friends as the theme for their daughter Emily’s nursery. 

Emily, who is now a kindergartener at Pickerington Elementary, is a fan of her parents’ work.  She thinks children will enjoy the book because Trudy and her friends are “cute”.

Emily’s older brother Isaac, a third-grader at Pickerington Elementary, said that Trudy and the Cupcake of the Month Contest “is funny and kids will like it”.

Sara plans to continue the adventures with more stories from the bake shop. 

“The Trudy story is the first book I have written, and I am hoping it will become a series,” Sara said. “I am wanting each cupcake to have his or her own story. We will see what happens!”

Wilmer is also the author and illustrator of two other children’s book series through Pentecostal Publishing – Sunshine and Friends and Wise and Silly.  Like Trudy, all the books include a Christian message.

Ministering to children has been a passion for the Rowlands for most of their lives. When Sara met Wilmer, he was dressed as a clown. He had learned clowning, puppetry and other similar skills as a kid, and he was performing professionally by age 15.

“When we got married, we began traveling together and doing kids’ services,” Sara said. “We have been married for 13 years and we are still doing it on a part-time basis. We love to work with kids and connect families and people with God by bringing them joy. We find that kids’ ministry is a good way to share God’s message with adults as well as kids because it simplifies the Gospel and makes it easy for all to understand.”

The couple have performed in Groveport, Lancaster and Reynoldsburg but do not have any Pickerington appearances scheduled at this time.

The Rowland’s books including coloring book versions of all three series can be purchased at Pentecostal Publishing or by messaging “Rowland Creative Ministries” on Facebook or by emailing Sara directly at saradarst@hotmail.com (Please put Trudy Book in the subject line).  Families can also find the books at the main branch of the Pickerington Public Library at 201 Opportunity Way.

The Rowland Family (Sara, Emily, Isaac and Wilmer) participate in a book signing event.

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