“The Addams Family” at Pick. Central

Morticia (Issysis Hill), Uncle Fester (Will Sepptimberino), Gomez (Kian Simcox) and Wednesday (Mekhiah Ellis) are just some kooky characters in Pickerington Central’s The Addams Family.
Photo by Rachel Scofield

March 14, 2023
By Rachel Scofield

March 16-19, you can catch Pickerington High School Central’s production of The Addams Family in the school’s Performing Arts Center.

The comedy follows the eccentric family as they meet their daughter Wednesday’s new boyfriend and his parents. The musical features songs by Andrew Lippa and is based on characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams.

“The Addams family are somewhat iconic characters throughout the world,” said Kian Simcox who plays Gomez. “Each person has their personality and characteristics that make them stick out from each other. The whole theme regarding them is that they are a very dark family and participate in very dark activities. Gomez is a Latin man who adores his wife, Morticia. She is a stoned face woman who loves her husband, but rarely shows much emotion.

Wednesday is their daughter who is a girl who loves to torture her little brother but is going through changes when she meets a man from Ohio named Lucas. Pugsley is Wednesday’s younger brother who adores being tortured by her and wishes she treasured the times with him more.

Then we have Grandma, who is possibly part of the family and possibly not, but regardless she loves making potions and cares for Pugsley a lot. Finally, we have Lurch, who is the butler for the family and a zombie as well. Lurch is a very loyal butler to Gomez and the rest of the family.”

Alice Beineke (Alaysia Winters) shares her story.
Photo by Rachel Scofield

Alaysia Winters, who plays Alice Beineke, believes the Addams “are true to themselves, even when acting as different people. The family brings out who people really are when they interact.”

“I know people would like this show because it’s a time to breathe and have a laugh. Leave your problems at the door, take a seat and watch a family go through one ‘Normal Night’. It’s a story of family and that no matter who you are, love triumphs at last,” Winters said.

Simcox can list many reasons why audiences will love the show.

“First off, just how it looks on stage is candy for the eye!” Simcox said. “Everything with the costumes, the lights, and the acting – it’s all just fantastic!

Alongside that, the musical itself is just plain funny. Constant one-liners and jokes are made all throughout the play and they almost always get a good laugh. It was so hard to get through some of it without laughing. However, alongside the comedy, there are a plethora of heartfelt moments to be found.

Lucas Beineke (Preston Hudson) pleads to his parents as the Addams ancestors (Lucy Theado & Grace O’Grady) watch.

It is not easy to strike a balance between the comedy and emotional moments in any sort of production, and even when they try it doesn’t normally succeed. However, I believe that The Addams Family has struck that perfect balance between comedic and emotional moments. There are a lot of emotional scenes in this production that could make some parents and couples shed a few tears. Overall, the musical is funny, emotional and an absolute treat for the eyes of those who come to see it.”

Tickets cost $12.00 and may be ordered online at the Pickerington Local School District Box Office. Shows begin at 7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday with a 3 p.m. matinee on Sunday.

Central’s first annual 24 Hour Play Festival will be April 21-22 followed by a Murder Mystery April 28-29. The group will also perform The Last Five Years at a date yet to be determined.

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