Letter: Pickerington Needs Comic Store

June 1, 2022
From Canaan Nettleton,
Ridgeview Junior High

Over time comic books have grown.  You can see this because many movies are based on them. But there is a problem, people do not know where to get comics and may not have a store to go to.  This can change if people start to open up comic book stores. Comics can grow.

This would happen because comics are not long books which means they can be good for people who are not strong readers.  Also, since people like the movies, they may like the books.  If this happens our lowly comics will start to be known more and grow again.

Another thing about comics is some people think they are not real books.  If comics start to grow in popularity, they will be taken more strongly.  This was just a little point of view on comics.  Share it and maybe this can be used in a way to help comics.

Hello Canaan,
My name is Wes and I work at Capital City Comics. The fine people over at PickeringtonOnline.com got a hold of us about your letter to the editor. You are 100% correct about comics being popular in modern pop culture and cinema. You’re also correct about comics and graphic novels being a great tool for reading, I personally taught my daughter to read using comics and now she probably reads better than I do.

Your letter mentions that people are unaware of where they can get comics locally in Pickerington. I’m here to help with that.

Come over here, Capital City Comics! We’re located at 7530 East Main Street in Reynoldsburg. In the Old Town Shopping Center we’re facing the Dollar General.

I know it’s not Pickerington, but we’re only 20 minutes away from Pickerington High School Central. If you’d like to find out more about us check us out online (capitalcitycomics.net), or on our Instagram or Facebook pages. Or just stop in!

Hope to see you soon and thanks for looking out for comics. They are more than just funny books to a lot of people.