Frighteningly Good Time: Fear Columbus

Images provided by Fear Columbus

October 7, 2021
by Lydia Scofield & the Holiday Hooligans

Finding the right haunted house can be difficult. Maybe, you want one that’s simply frightening, with jump scares and dim lights. Or perhaps you want to be immersed in an altered reality or dystopian landscape that will plague your nightmares, long after you’ve exited. Fortunately for you, Fear Columbus provides a variety of scares that will leave you looking over your shoulder for weeks. 

Fear Columbus can be split into two sections. The first section, “The Summoning”, has a mystical, occult theme. Through macabre chambers designed to inhibit the senses, visitors encounter chilling creatures both animatronic and living. This section employs a variety of scare types to ensure that you leave quaking in your boots.

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Once you have braved through the demon’s lair, you’ll find yourself in an in-between place. Here you can regain control of your breathing and allow your heart rate to slow back to normal – nothing can be done about your wet pants.

Now that you’re thinking straight, you can move onto “Aftermath Anarchy”. The Aftermath takes place in a zombie-ridden future complete with flipped cars, the walking dead, and an asylum where the patients run free.

“It was fun!” said James Greer, an eighth grader at Ridgeview Junior High. “They really knew what they were doing when they made the devil hot.”

Greer said that the actors did a good job and that their costumes were “on-point”. 

The only issues we had was that the music made it a challenge to talk with your friends and it was difficult for those wearing glasses to navigate under the strobe lights.

If you’re thinking of going, be warned that it is not for the faint of heart, or people with certain medical conditions. People with epilepsy are advised against going, alongside anyone else at risk for photosensitive seizures. Those with severe heart problems should avoid this particular attraction as should anyone with a weak stomach, since there is a lot of blood and guts.

Fear Columbus is open every weekend through Halloween along with most weekdays.  Ticket prices start at $19.99 per person and vary depending on what day of the week you go. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more and they offer flash sales occasionally to those who sign up for the email list. Tickets must be purchased online in advance as there are no sales at the door

The attraction is recommended for ages and 13 and older although children younger than 13 may be admitted with a parent or guardian.  You cannot bring a bag or purse.

November 5- 6 Fear Columbus will present “Blackout” where you must navigate the haunted house with only one glow stick for light.  December 17-19 they will stage the holiday horror, “Krampus”. Tickets for both events will go on sale soon, however both are very popular so they will sell out quickly.

Fear Columbus is located at 2605 Northland Plaza Drive in Columbus. For more information and/or to purchase tickets, you can visit their official website at

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