Officials Support Brown for Co. Auditor

October 29, 2022
The following letters to the editor were provided to Pickerington Online in support of re-electing Carri Brown to Fairfield County Auditor.

Previously, the Franklin County Commissioners also wrote to express support of Brown.

Cheryl Ricketts, President Competitive Edge

Dear Editor:
I am honored to support Carri Brown for Fairfield County Auditor, and endorse her highly!

Recently, Carri and I worked closely together to assist the Fairfield County Fair in emerging from the COVID restrictions by effectively managing grant funds. Carri is strategic, creative, and thorough. I have witnessed Carri’s deep understanding of county government many times; perhaps most importantly, by using her leadership talents to advance our community and its residents.  I can think of no person more dedicated, talented, and skilled to lead the Fairfield County Auditor’s Office.  

Join me on November 8 and vote for Carri Brown as Fairfield County Auditor.

Cheryl Ricketts, PCC, MCC, President, Competitive Edge, Pickerington, Ohio

Holly Mattei, Bloom Township Fiscal Officer

Dear Editor:
Dr. Carri Brown has been a friend, mentor, and colleague of mine for about twenty years.  She is a person you can count on to do what she says, and she is always encouraging to others, especially if their aim is to help improve the Fairfield County community.  She gives of her time and talents, and she is exceptionally competent in technical matters relating to strategic planning, financial reporting, and community development.  I have been impressed with how Carri has immediately leveraged technology to improve services in the County Auditor’s Office, and her customer service philosophy has set the stage for ongoing improvements. Please join me in voting for Carri Brown for County Auditor on November 8.

Holly Mattei, Bloom Township Fiscal Officer

Jacklyn Rohaly, Pickerington City Councilwoman

Dear Editor:
As a local government leader, I know first-hand what it takes to be a strong contributor
as an elected official.  Dr. Carri Brown has a proven track record, and I highly support
her in continuing as County Auditor.   She is highly competent on technical matters, and
she has earned national recognition for achievement in public service.  I stay in touch
with employees of Fairfield County, and they are highly supportive of Dr. Brown
because she works tirelessly to create a culture of respect and innovation.   She began
her public service as a Deputy Auditor, and it is encouraging to see the successful path
she has taken to her service as County Auditor.

Carri has a heart for service and is skilled at strategic planning.  I look forward to
continuing to work with her on multiple community projects, and I encourage residents
of Fairfield County to join me in voting for Carri Brown for County Auditor on November

Jacklyn Rohaly, Pickerington City Councilwoman

Lori Sanders, Violet Township Trustee

Dear Editor:
Over the past three decades, I have witnessed the dedication Dr. Carri Brown brings to public
service. No one has worked harder or smarter in service to Fairfield County. The public and I
have had new opportunities to see her innovative and transparent style as she has brought new
life to the position of County Auditor since she began serving in that role in October of 2021.
No other candidate has as much experience or as strong of a work ethic as Carri does.

I am writing today to show my allegiance and support for Dr. Carri Brown to continue to serve
as Fairfield County Auditor. She has great concern for the residents of Fairfield County, and she
is willing to listen. I am in touch with employees and business leaders, and they have respect
for Carri and are eager for her to continue her service as Fairfield County Auditor. I want people
to join me in voting for Carri because that is the best thing for Fairfield County.

Lori Sanders, Violet Township Trustee

Fairfield County Sheriff Alex Lape

Dear Editor:
The Republican Party has a top-notch candidate for County Auditor.  She is the current
County Auditor, Dr. Carri Brown. She graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University,
and she holds both an MBA and PhD with a focus on organizational management. She has
worked with distinction in local government for more than thirty years.

I have worked with Dr. Brown on multiple issues: construction projects, policy
development, and procedure improvements. She is always sharply focused on how
technology and customer service go hand in hand to create new public value. Her work
ethic is exceptional, and she is always willing to give her time to others. I especially
appreciate how she has a heart for service and an appreciation for the important role law
enforcement plays in our community.

Please join me in voting for Carri Brown for Fairfield County Auditor on November 8.
Fairfield County Sheriff Alex Lape

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