Pick. Police Reports Oct. 29 – Nov. 5, 2023

October 29

1:07 am Police were called to Heritage Lounge to break up a fight involving at least 10 people. The men and women involved ranged in age from 20 to 47.

2:27 am After noticing a vehicle running outside Speedway for an extended period, police ran a registration check and discovered the driver to be a 22-year-old Canal Winchester woman wanted on a warrant out of Grandview.

4:33 am A Toyota Camry was reported stolen from the George’s Creek neighborhood.

October 31

7:49 pm At a traffic stop near the corner of Refugee and Hill Roads, a 46-year-old Bidwell woman was arrested on a warrant out of Gahanna.

10:10 pm A Preston Trails resident reported that the license plate was missing from her truck.

November 1

12:14 pm A Pickerington man reported that on October 29 his credit cards were stolen from his vehicle parked outside Lifetime Fitness Center. Fraudulent charges were made to both his credit card and his bank card totaling $4,100.

November 2

7:39 am A resident in Cherry Hill reported that his truck’s windshield had been smashed and two of his tires stabbed. He believed the perpetrator to be the same person who egged his house a few nights prior. Video allegedly revealed the suspect to be the 18-year-old son of a neighbor lady. The truck owner told police that last winter he had been “romantically talking” with the neighbor and her son did not care for him.

November 3

1:40 am A 37-year-old Pickerington man was pulled over on Long Road near George’s Creek for allegedly driving 61 mph in a 35-mph zone. He had no license, and his plate was fictitious.

1:44 am Police were called to the Pickerington Ridge apartments because someone was allegedly yelling in the parking lot. Earlier in the night, officers had been called to the same address on a report of possible domestic violence, but discovered it was just two guys drinking beer and yelling at televised football.

For the second call, police arrived just as one of the guys, a 30-year-old Canal Winchester man, was leaving the scene in his truck. When the officer pulled the truck over after it ran a stop sign. When asked for his license, the driver handed the police his bank card. After failing the field sobriety test, the man was taken to the police station where he refused the breathalyzer.

1:05 pm Pickerington Police were notified by the current Mechanicsburg K9 officer that his predecessor, who had been discharged from the Mechanicsburg Police, had been allegedly lying to Petland to get free dog food. For more than a year, the man, who lives in Pickerington, had told the store that he was an officer acquiring supplies for a police dog, therefore he never paid.

The total cost of the theft is estimated to be more than $1,500. The man was also charged with impersonating a police officer.

November 4

11:05 am A 56-year-old Pickerington man reported that two guns were missing from his vehicle.

November 5

12:33 am A 20-year-old Violet Township man allegedly tried to use a fake Indiana driver’s license to purchase alcohol at Circle K.

Police/Sheriff Reports October 8-28, 2023

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