Letter to Editor: Gold Peak is Better Tea

June 4, 2022
Vanessa Grace Carroll, Seventh-grader at Grace Christian School in Blacklick

Pure Leaf is not better than Gold Peak, Gold Peak has a stronger, sweeter taste.  Pure Leaf has less flavor and a much smaller variety of flavors. Gold Peak on the other hand has flavors of strawberry lemon and many other flavors plus sweet and unsweet tea. It is a product too.

Gold Peak has five times the selling rate that Pure Leaf has.  It is also at reasonable price like one or two dollars, as where Pure Leaf could be from three to four dollars.

The commercials for Gold Peak are also better quality, better rating and there are also more commercials for Gold Peak than there is or ever has been for Pure Leaf.

Hello Vanessa,

Thank you for your letter, we here at Pickerington Online were curious to experience the difference. We devised a blind taste tests comparing the sweet and unsweet bottled teas from both brands. Of the eight people who participated in the experiment all unknowingly chose Gold Peak as the better tasting sweet tea.

For the unsweet tea, the adults unanimously chose Gold Peak, but the kids didn’t much care for either brand.

If you’re interested, both companies offer recipes on their websites. Pure Leaf’s recipes include a wide array of dishes from fruit punch to dessert and even main courses made using tea as an ingredient.

In addition to dishes made using tea, Gold Leaf includes recipes from restaurants across the country that were highlighted on the travel show called Roadfood.

Thanks again for telling us about Gold Leaf!
Sincerely, Pickerington Online