Pick Police Reports Aug. 20 – Sept. 30, 2023

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August 27

7:52 pm A 15-year-old Columbus boy was told to leave the Marcus Cinema He and his friends allegedly tried to sneak into a second movie and got caught. The boy threatened to return and shoot up the theater.

August 28

4:35 pm A 32-year-old Violet Township woman went to the Pickerington police station to file a report that her prescription pills had been stolen from her vehicle parked near Wagram Road. She was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant from Mansfield.

August 29

4:49 am A 67-year-old man from Parkersburg, WV told police that someone had broken the window of his truck parked outside Comfort Inn and taken $1,100 worth of tools, a tripod valued at $4,000 and $82.00 worth of Kool’s cigarettes.

8:42 am Columbia Gas told a 45-year-old Columbus woman that an address in Cherry Hill had used her identity for billing.

1:07 pm A 26-year-old Pickerington woman allegedly ran a red light on Hill Road near Speedway. She had been driving on a suspended license.

2:26 pm A 13-year-old told police that after school his friends had crossed Hill Road to Circle K and waved at him to join them.  A woman driving southbound allegedly hit the boy as he ran out from between two buses.

3:00 pm A Hyundai parked in the Pickerington Ridge Apartments was broken into and its steering column dissembled.

5:25 pm A wallet was allegedly stolen from a locker at Planet Fitness.

10:45 pm A 33-year-old Violet Township woman was allegedly pulled over on Hill Road for having burnt out lights.  She had been driving under a suspended license.

August 31

5:13 pm A 77-year-old Pickerington man told police that someone had stolen his credit card and used it at Walmart.

9:22 pm Unknown callers allegedly scammed a shift manager at Popeyes into taking $903 from the store to deposit into bitcoin accounts. The callers had told her that an important delivery to the restaurant would not happen unless they were paid in advance.

September 1

2:06 am A 24-year-old Reynoldsburg woman was charged with driving while intoxicated after allegedly swerving between lanes on Refugee Road. Although the arresting officer suspected that she had traded seats with the actual driver upon the being pulled over.

4:11 pm During a traffic stop at the corner of Long and Diley Roads, officers arrested a man and a woman from Junction City on outstanding warrants and allegedly found drugs in their vehicle.

September 3

2:39 am A 38-year-old Columbus man reported that someone had stolen his beer outside of Heritage Lounge. The bartenders told police that they took the beer from the man after repeatedly warning him that he could not take open bottles outside.

9:25 pm A fence caught fire at the Pickerington Ridge apartments. It may have been lit by a cigarette tossed into mulch.

September 4

2:05 am A 26-year-old Columbus man was pulled over near the corner of Refugee and Hill Roads for lane violations and having a fictitious license plate. He blew a .120 bac. The state limit is 0.08.

3:02 pm A Pickerington man jumped off the diving board at the community pool but did not surface. Lifeguards pulled him from the water and began CPR with help from three nurses. The police arrived with an AED and one of the nurses said that she felt a pulse. He then began to breathe. Violet Township medics transported him to Mount Carmel East from which he was released a few days later.

5:17 pm A 24-year-old Columbus man agreed to pay a 31-year-old Pickerington man, whom he online, $140 for an Xbox. After he handed over the cash, the Pickerington man allegedly tossed a box at him then quickly drove away. The Columbus man opened the box and found books. Police tracked the man to an apartment in Pickerington Ridge but he did not answer. Two days later, the police received an envelope addressed to the Columbus man with $140 inside and an apology letter.

9:41 pm Columbus Police pursued a vehicle off Interstate 70 and onto Winderly Lane. They caught two suspects who fled from the moving vehicle. Pickerington Police were asked to assist finding a third suspect. The vehicle came to rest on the curb by Hampton Inn.

September 5

2:14 am Police pulled over a vehicle exiting I-70 onto Hill Road for expired tags. The driver, a 40-year-old Newark man, was wanted on a warrant out of Licking County. His license was expired and a substance believed to be methamphetamine was found in the vehicle’s trunk.

9:51 am An employee allegedly stole an air conditioner from Colonial Heating & Cooling to install at his sister’s home.

3:04 pm A 41-year-old Columbus man allegedly argued with the manager of Marcus when told that he could not bring his sandwich into the theater.

8:21 pm A 69-year-old Baltimore man was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated after allegedly turning too wide from Town Square Drive into the oncoming lane of Hill Road.

September 7

9:27 am A 26-year-old man was arrested on an outstanding warrant when police responded to a loud argument in the Pickerington Ridge Apartments.

12:59 pm There was $3,460 worth of doors and windows allegedly stolen from a home under construction in the Graystone neighborhood.

4:51 pm A 46-year-old Columbus man driving on a suspended license was pulled over after allegedly turning left onto Hill Road from Speedway.

1:22 am A 23-year-old Canal Winchester woman was pulled over near Refugee and Windmiller Roads for marked lanes violations and expired tags. She was also charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

9:12 pm An officer followed a Dodge Charger that was allegedly speeding on Windmiller Road. The vehicle turned left onto Refugee and radar clocked its speed at 83 mph before it reached the traffic circle. The driver, a 17-year-old Columbus girl, told the officer she had been driving 37 mph. She did not have a license.

September 10

2:23 am A 21-year-old Pickerington man allegedly kept entering and exiting Speedway without buying anything. When police arrived, they recognized the man from previous times he had been caught stealing. Within the last year, Speedway had filed two different “No Trespass” orders against the man.

4:48 pm A 42-year-old Columbus woman allegedly filled a shopping cart with $458.96 worth of merchandise at Kohl’s then went to the service desk to return the items for cash. The woman was believed to have shoplifted from the store on August 21, then robbed the New Albany Kohl’s two days later.

8:48 pm A 23-year-old Columbus man was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated after allegedly striking a Fairfield County Deputy’s cruiser on Refugee Road near Steeplechase Avenue. His breath measured .232g/210L.

September 11

3:35 am A 31-year-old Columbus man was charged with marijuana possession after being pulled over near Speedway for having inadequate lighting for his license plate. He allegedly also had an open bottle of Patron.

6:51 am A Blacklick man’s truck caught fire on Interstate 70.

1:39 pm A 36-year-old Canal Winchester man was issued a “No Trespass” notice from the Overlook Apartments. The complex staff told police that the man frequently spends hours parked in the apartment lot “waiting for his cousin”.

September 12

2:45 pm A 12-year-old Pickerington boy was issued a “No Trespass” order from Discount Drug Mart after employees allegedly caught him placing candy in his backpack.

September 13

5:56 pm A 31-year-old Columbus woman allegedly stole $1,003 worth of merchandise from Kohl’s, but police caught her as she entered the vehicle waiting for her in the lot. The driver of the vehicle did not have a current license.

September 14

2:41 am A 27-year-old food delivery driver was pulled over on Refugee Road near Milnor Road for having expired tags and a suspended license.

7:46 pm A 31-year-old Liberty Township man was allegedly pulled over near the corner of Hill Road and Refugee for an expired registration and suspended license.

10:02 pm A 19-year-old Pickerington man was pulled over on Green Lane for allegedly not having his headlights turned on. He apparently did not realize the switch was only in the “running light” position. His registration had been expired, and his license suspended.

September 16

9:03 pm A 25-year-old Liberty Township woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Lancaster. The vehicle in which she was riding was pulled over on Long Road because of a missing license plate light.

12:56 am An unknown person allegedly stole items including medicine and phlebotomy tools from an unlocked vehicle in the Turnberry Apartments.

2:24 pm A 51-year-old Pickerington man reported that someone stole the front plate off his truck.

September 18

6:03 pm Someone threw a perfume bottle at a delivery driver near the Cross Creeks gate. The bottle cracked the windshield causing the glass to spiderweb. The license plate was registered to a vehicle in Newark.

September 19

2:17 pm A 26-year-old Columbus woman told police that $150 was missing from her wallet that she had accidentally left in a grocery cart at Kroger.

3:52 pm Three 13-year-old and one 14-year-old boy were allegedly trespassing inside the condemned barn at Sycamore Park.

5:14 pm Police were called to a home in the Reserve at Pickerington Ponds regarding three boys (ages 10, 12 and 13) who were reportedly playing ding-dong-ditch and harassing a neighbor. While the police were investigating, another neighbor stopped to report the same boy bullying her son at the bus stop.

8:12 pm Violet Township Fire Department responded to an alarm at the Turnberry apartments. When they kicked open the door the unit was filled with smoke from three burning candles. As they used fans to air out the smoke, the 40-year-old resident came home. She was wanted on a warrant from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

September 20

3:50 am Residents reported that two men were attempting to access cars parked in the George’s Creek subdivision. They were seen leaving in a white sports utility vehicle. Police caught up to the vehicle on Diley Road where it was allegedly weaving between lanes and driving at around 10 miles an hour. The officer stopped the vehicle after it turned left from the far-right lane to enter Fox Glen East. The driver, a 36-year-old resident of Fox Glen was charged with driving under the influence.

September 21

1:46 am Kroger issued a “No Trespass” order for a 42-year-old Columbus woman who allegedly does not scan every item that she places in the “Smart Cart”.

September 22

10:13 pm After Central’s football game the separated parents of one of the players allegedly got into a physical altercation near the concession stands.

September 23

2:15 pm A 29-year-old Pickerington man was allegedly pulled over for driving 43 mph in a 35-mph zone and passing a vehicle on Long Road where there is a double yellow line. He told the officer he passed the vehicle because his motorcycle began to wobble. The motorcycle had no plates, and the man had no insurance. His license had been suspended, and he did not have the endorsement added to ride a motorcycle. He also had an outstanding warrant.

5:06 pm A 38-year-old Pickerington man was allegedly pulled over for driving 43 mph in a 35-mph zone of Long Road. He was discovered to have had an outstanding warrant.

6:36 pm An man allegedly grabbed three Lego boxes from the shelf at Barnes and Noble. An employee saw him pass the registers without paying then pushed past a young girl at the entrance.

September 24

11:09 am A 60-year-old Reynoldsburg man allegedly left BP with two 24-packs of Budweiser without paying.

8:13 pm A 34-year-old Columbus man told police that he had leant his keys to a woman named “Salma” who never returned his car. He had met her three days earlier on Facebook where she called herself “Mali Love”.

11:55 pm A 14-year-old, who had allegedly just run away from home, was taking water bottles from a display outside Circle K and hurling them at the business’ door. He told the police he was mad because the clerk had told him to leave. The clerk said that the slushy that the boy had spilled was probably an accident and that the boy could have brought a candy bar into the store rather than stolen it, but the kid had been loitering inside for a long time.

September 25

12:08 pm Policer were called to Great Clips because a 47-year-old New Holland man allegedly hated his hair cut and refused to pay. Another customer told the man to “stop being a p____y, pay and leave!” So, the man did.

September 26

9:26 am A 20-year-old Columbus man was pulled over on Hill Road for fictitious tags and an expired driving permit.

September 27

7:21 am A 27-year-old Cincinnati man was pulled over for running a red light on Hill Road and for misusing dealer plates.

September 28

8:47 am A 42-year-old Pickerington man was cited for hitting a mailbox and fire hydrant in his neighborhood then leaving the scene.

4:09 pm A purse was taken from a vehicle parked at Ohio Health.

10:22 pm A 29-year-old Columbus man was pulled over on Hill Road for false tags and driving with a suspended license.

September 29

7:43 am House keeping found narcotics in a room at the Best Western.

Police/Sheriff Reports July 23 – August 19, 2023

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