Pick. Police See Uptick in Check Fraud

December 12, 2022
From the Pickerington Police Department:

Our office has received several bank fraud reports that have originated in Pickerington. These cases involve the theft of mail from USPS mailboxes located in and around the Pickerington area including the local post office. Unknown suspects are accessing the mailboxes, stealing the mail and removing checks. The stolen checks are then being washed and cashed for much larger amounts than originally written, resulting in a financial loss to the check owner.

The USPS is aware of these incidents and it appears to be a wide spread problem.

If at all possible, please try to avoid sending checks, gift cards, cash etc. through the mail. We suggest checking with your bank about direct bill pay services, online bill pay or paying over the telephone.

If you suspect you are a victim of mail check fraud, please contact your bank immediately, report it to the post office and the police agency where you deposited your mail.

Last month, the Fairfield County Sheriff’s office issued a similar warning regarding the use of the blue, free-standing mailboxes. See: Sheriff Cautions Use of Mailboxes.

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