Ebenezer Zane Land Tracts

Fairfield County Auditor’s January Map of the Month

By Rachel A. Elsea, Communications Director
Fairfield County Auditor’s Office

The Fairfield County Auditor’s Office has released the January 2023 Map of the Month. This month’s map highlights the land granted to Ebenezer Zane in 1796 by the United States Congress.

According to the Ohio History Connection, in 1796, Ebenezer Zane petitioned Congress to allow him to survey and build a road through the Northwest Territory from Wheeling Virginia (now West Virginia) to Limestone, Kentucky. Zane requested the payment for these services be three tracts of land as well as the surveying costs themselves. Land Grant 3 included what is now considered to be downtown Lancaster.

Dr. Carri Brown, County Auditor, stated “The January Map of the Month is a popular one with history buffs, educators, and Fairfield County residents. There is a lot of conversation about the role of Zane’s grant to the development of our community. Some people have been deeply interested in how their property is situated on the historical maps.”

More information regarding Ebenezer Zane and Zane’s Trace can be found at the Ohio History Connection website. For more information from the Auditor’s Office, please contact Rachel Elsea, Communications Officer, at rachel.elsea@fairfieldcountyohio.gov.

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