Letter to Editor (Book Review): “The Darkest Minds” by Alexandra Bracken.

June 29, 2022
Jacqueline Greene, Eighth Grader at Baldwin Road Junior High School

The Darkest Minds is a book about a girl in America who was taken by the government for her superpowers that all of America’s children have developed.  This young adult book is a series by Alexandra Bracken.  It has some romance and also a lot of dystopian horror to it as well.  It’s an easy read and a great story.

The Darkest Minds series also has a novel. The novel really grows and intertwines with the series.  Alexandria Bracken’s writing is so fun to read and will leave you wanting to recommend this book to anyone over 13 years old.  Even though it doesn’t take much time to read, it’s rich with vocabulary and mind-twisting content.

Hello Jacqueline,

Thank you for telling us about the Darkest Minds series. We wanted to learn more about both the author and her stories. Did you know that the first novel has been made into a series? Also, Alexandra Bracken has a new novel based on Greek mythology titled Lore.

Most libraries carry Bracken’s books but if the title you want is not currently shelved at your local branch, they can have a copy transfered to you from another library. Pickerington Library’s Main Branch seems to have most if not all Bracken’s works.

Also right now libraries and book stores are running summer reading programs with giveaways and special events. On Saturday July 9 at the Sycamore Branch of the Pickerington Library there will be mini golf from 1-3 pm. The next day there will a scavenger hunt for kids in grades 6-9 from 2-3 pm at the Main Branch.

Thanks again for the book review and never stop reading!
Sincerely, Pickerington Online