Pick. Police Reports November 5-11, 2023

November 5

2:58 pm A 15-year-old Reynoldsburg boy was allegedly caught on camera stealing a package from the front porch of a house in the Windmiller neighborhood. He and his two friends tossed the package into a field after they opened it to find slippers.

November 6

11:00 am A BB gun was taken from a student at Ridgeview STEM Junior High School.

5:43 pm A resident at Lakes Edges Apartments told police that his downstairs neighbor allegedly followed him to his work to accuse him of listening to her phone calls. She claimed that she could hear his footsteps moving as she walked from room to room. The man is hearing impaired.

November 7

4:51 pm A man told police that $2,350 fell out of his pocket at Kemba Financial Credit Union. Surveillance cameras showed someone picking up the money and leaving.

November 8

8:04 am A young man, possibly a teenager, allegedly asked a middle school girl in Longview Highlands if she wanted a ride to her bus stop. The girl said “no” and the man drove away in a silver vehicle – possibly a Ford Fusion.

9:13 am Someone broke into a vehicle parked at the Turnberry Apartments and stole a backpack with a laptop inside.

5:00 pm Police were called to the Turnberry Apartments on a report that a group of four men and three women were fighting in the parking lot.

5:48 pm Someone hacked into an email account at the UPS Store and scammed one customer out of $18,000. The unknown person also attempted to scam several others.

November 9

10:02 am An unknown woman walked into Circle K, grabbed an armload of snacks and drinks, then left without paying. She climbed into the passenger’s side of a Chevy sedan without plates but was marked with a sign for “CTFE”. The woman is believed to have committed a similar crime at Circle K on September 6.

3:59 pm A 65-year-old Pickerington woman told police that a check she had intended to send from her mailbox in the Springcreek neighborhood. had been stolen. The check had been washed, rewritten then cashed for $5,000.

November 11

3:44 am A 33-year-old Pickerington man was pulled over on Long Road near Leasure Drive for allegedly weaving between lanes. He told the officer that he had drank one Corona. He blew a 0.165 blood-alcohol-content. The legal limit in Ohio is 0.8 bac.

2:46 pm An unknown man tried to leave Kroger on Hill Road without paying for two 40-pound bags of Blue Buffalo Dog Food priced at $71.99 each. A store employee informed the man that he needed to pay. to which he allegedly answered, “I don’t care.”

He tried to run from the store, but the U Scan cart’s wheels locked after he passed through the first set of doors. The cart is programmed to lock when pushed too quickly through an exit.

Undaunted, the man grabbed the large bags and attempted to haul them to a waiting blue Ford sedan with a “Cash for Cars” bumper sticker. He did not get very far before dropping the bags in the parking lot then fleeing the scene.

Police/Sheriff Reports October 29-November 4, 2023

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