Website Calculates How Much Ballot Issues Would Effect Your Property’s Taxes

September 20, 2022
From the Fairfield County Auditor’s Office

Fairfield County Auditor Updates Levy Estimator Tool for November 8 Election

The Fairfield County Auditor’s Office is pleased to announce the availability of anupdated tax levy estimator tool on the Auditor’s Real Estate website. A tutorial on how to use the updated online tool can be found on the auditor’s website.

County Auditor Carri Brown stated, “If a property owner would like to estimate the amount of tax associated with new millage that is on the ballot for approval, this tool can be helpful in that property owner’s evaluation of the issue.”

For the Tuesday, November 8, 2022, general election, Fairfield County residents in Violet Township and the Pickerington City Local Schools District will see proposed levy issues on their ballots. Estimates calculated with the online tool are based on known information.

The effective dates of the new levies will be stated in the ballot language. For more information or questions regarding the levy tax estimator, please contact the County Auditor’s Settlements and Administration Office at (740) 652-7020.

Pick. Online Editor’s Commentary

By Editor Rachel Scofield

As a home owner in Violet Township and the city of Pickerington, I tested the calculator by entering my address into the “property search” on the auditors’ website. The auditor appraised our house at $312,000 which is pretty typical for Pickerington.

When I selected the far right page tab, labeled “Levies”. Both the issues that could effect my taxes popped up.

First was the Senior Services Levy, a renewal 0.2 mill operating levy to keep the lights on and programs running at the Pickerington Senior Center. The existing levy is expiring. To continue to maintain their building and offer services, the senior center members are asking for voters to renew their funding.

As a continuation of an existing property tax, the auditor’s website calculates that if voters approve the levy, my property taxes will increase $0.00 per year.

The second issue listed for my property was the Pickerington Local School District’s 2.8 mill Bond. The schools are asking the community to take out the government-equivalent of a mortgage to build a new junior high school and additons to both high schools.

The auditor’s website calculates that if voters approve the bond issue, my property taxes will increase $306 per year. So, for every $1,000 of the appraised value of our home, we would contribute $1.00 a year to the district until the debt to construct the new classrooms is paid.