Follow Scarecrow Trail for Fun & Prizes

“Abe the CPA” does taxes outside Analytical Business Solutions in Pickerington. Photo by Jim Scofield

October 2, 2022
Article By Rachel Scofield

October is here and so is the 2022 Trail of Scarecrows presented by Visit Fairfield County

This year, individuals and businesses are demonstrating incredible creativity and artistry with their varied entries.  Within Violet Township, the scarecrows range from the whimsical “Cousin It” at Sam’s Pumpkin Patch to a truly horrific game of Hide-&-Seek along Willard Drive.

To follow the trail, download the “Visit Fairfield County App”, then tap on the “challenges” button to access the list of participating communities. Select the community you are currently visiting to see all the scarecrows available to find.

“They can use the “map it” feature or simply go to the address,” said Jonett Haberfield, Executive Director of Visit Fairfield County. “Once there, use the three-digit code on the scarecrow’s name sign to check-in. When someone checks in to half of the scarecrows in a community, they are eligible for a prize. The more community challenges someone completes, the more valuable the prize.”

The Pickerington map includes 22 scarecrows, many of which are located in close proximity so it does not take long to check stops off the map.  Pickerington Village has eight within half a mile of each other.

Finding the scarecrows in neighborhoods is fun because you can see Halloween decorations, even those not associated with the Trail of Scarecrows.  The incredibly ornate Jefferson Drive display is entered not only in the Visit Fairfield County contest but also Canal Winchester’s Skeleton Tour.

QR codes on each scarecrow enable you to vote for your favorite.

“The People’s Choice winner in each community will receive a plaque, a $50 Visa gift card and bragging rights for an entire year,” Haberfield said.

Fairfield County resident Karen Hunter loves exploring new areas, but also enjoys the scarecrows placed along walking routes.

“I loved getting exercise and entertainment!” she said. “The trails lead to conversations with the creators or fellow admirers. Community events produce closer communities!”

Misty McGiffin and her friend have challenged each other to do the Scarecrow Trail every year.

“Especially during Covid, we made it a point to go see each and every town and take photos of each scarecrow to share on our social media pages for those to enjoy viewing that are not able to get out,” McGiffin said. “I really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful ideas people come up with for their scarecrow designs. It is a lot of fun!”

She has also discovered new places and businesses by following the trail.

“Scarecrows are a good excuse to go get ice cream or whatever treat that is on the trail,” McGiffin said. “I can’t wait to get out and see what great scarecrows are waiting this year.”

Looking good Girl Scout Troop 6267!