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February 25, 2022

Licking Soil & Water (LSWCD) has again partnered with the Fairfield County Soil & Water Conservation District (FSWCD) to sell native tree seedlings.

Orders will be taken until Monday, March 14, and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. All orders are subject to availability.

Customers may choose from the following varieties: arrowwood viburnum, eastern red cedar, elderberry, persimmon, red bud, silky dogwood, burr oak, Kentucky coffeetree, northern pecan, shagbark hickory, sugar maple, white oak and eastern white pine.

Due to inventory limitations, if you are interested in ordering more than 300 seedlings of the same species, please contact your district for availability.

Interested in a species not listed? Special orders must be a minimum of 100 of the same species and dependent on nursery availability and pricing.

Fairfield County
Soil & Water Conservation District

The FSWCD also provides planting tips on its website.

The auditor of state now requires all soil and water conservation districts to charge sales tax. If you order via the online catalog, you will be charged Licking County’s tax of 7.25% regardless of which county you pick up in.

If you choose to order directly with your soil and water office with a hard copy order form, you will pay the tax of your county. Tax-exempt customers must order via the hard copy form.

The pick-up date is Friday, April 22. The FSWCD will not be liable for any seedlings not collected on the original pick-up date. All trees and shrubs are state and federally inspected. The district may need to make “reasonable substitutions” based on availability of certain species. Orders must be received by Monday, March 14.

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