Venegeful Spirit Terrorizes Theater in Local Author’s Newest Thriller

September 29, 2021

From the local author of such horror thrillers as Bone White, Blackened, and Let There Be Dark, comes a new paranormal novel, The Opening, which asks the question: do the sins of our past live on after we’re gone?

Nick Fallon knows failure all too well. His string of collapsed business ventures make for a resume from hell. This next venture, however, will be different. The Chamberlain Theater itself is different. Yet, even before renovation can begin, tragedy strikes, hanging a dark cloud over the old theater. Nick must rely on an opening night gala to turn things around. But, when opening night goes horribly wrong, the good people of Angler Bay turn their backs on both Nick and his theater.

In a last-ditch effort to save himself from financial ruin, Nick calls in a team of paranormal investigators. Together, the husband-and-wife team, a local reporter, and Nick try to get to the bottom of the disturbing occurrences at the theater. Are any of them prepared to uncover The Chamberlain’s darkest secrets?”

Steve Stred, author of Father of Lies, says of The Opening, “Barreled down the track like a freight train with no brakes.”

A resident of Pickerington, the majority of author Tim McWhorter’s work would be considered horror/thriller, though his contemporary novel, The Winding Down Hours, revolves around a family dealing with fractured relationships in the midst of a hardship. His other titles include Shadows Remain and a collection of his earliest short stories, Swallowing the Worm.

Author Tim McWhorter

“I’ve always dabbled in writing, a short story here or there, but it wasn’t until I went back to college in my 30s that I started taking it seriously,” McWhorter said. “Due in part to the encouragement of a few professors, I self-published my first book, a novella titled Shadows Remain. I did it primarily for the fun of it, something to share with my friends and family. Then I challenged myself further.

I’d written a novella, so why not try a full-blown novel? Once I wrote Bone White, my little ol’ hobby exploded and began looking more and more like a business. The reviews started rolling in. I started attending author fairs, festivals, and conventions, selling books both locally and around the world. Eight years later, I’ve written seven books in all (some self-published, some small press) and am in the process of starting my own publishing company, Manta Press, Ltd.”

McWhorter lives with his ever-supportive wife, Julie, two high-maintenance dogs, and enjoys a much more peaceful existence than the terrifying situations and worlds he creates. Besides reading and writing, his other interests include movies, baseball, football, traveling, and nature photography.

He can be found on his website, Facebook and Twitter where he talks life, writing and all things scary.

You can find The Opening and the rest of McWhorter’s books on and pretty much anywhere books are sold online.  All of his works have at least four out of five stars. The Opening is available in Paperback for $14.00 or on Kindle for $2.99.

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