Pickerington Public Library Purchases Land for New Library Location

The new Pickerington Library branch will be built just east of Milnor Road on the northside of Refugee Road. Photo by Rachel Scofield

October 4, 2023
From the Pickerington Public Library

Pickerington Public Library is pleased to announce the purchase of four land parcels on the corner of Pleasant View Drive and Refugee Rd.

Over the past few months, Library Leaders have worked with Darlene Kuzmic at Parker Realty to secure land parcels for a stand-alone library location.  The combined land is intended to replace the current library branch located in Sycamore Plaza shopping center. 

When the branch opened in 2017 and even after the expansion last year, it has always been the intention of the Library’s Board of Trustees plan to move this shopping center location to a stand-alone library location.

“As good stewards of taxpayer funds, the Board of Trustees decided it is in the community’s best interests to own the property rather than to pay an ever-increasing rent and fees. Once we do have a new library location built, it will result in more than a $120,000 annual savings for the library as rent and fees increase”, according to library Board President, Cristie Hammond.

“The property will not be developed right away. There are many steps needed to start the development process. First, the Library will be conducting a facilities master plan to help determine the size of the new library location as well as the services and space needs of the community”, said Library Director Tony Howard.

The Pickerington Public Library is responsible for serving over 65,000 people in a 38.8 square mile area. Last year, the library saw increases in all areas of operations. In order to meet the needs of the community, the original Sycamore Plaza Library was expanded to 7000 square feet. Additionally, outreach services were expanded by purchasing the Library-On-The-Go vehicle and hiring dedicated outreach services staff to be out and about at schools, parks and community events.

For more information, contact communications@pickeringtonlibrary.org or visit www.pickeringtonlibrary.org for library locations, hours, services, resources and events.

In this image from the Fairfield County Auditor’s website, you can see the four parcels that the library purchased, 041112220-0411122250. The library paid $250,000 for the plots which total nearly 4.5 acres.