Meet Toby Sidorski, Candidate for Mayor

October 19, 2023
Pickerington Online’s Meet the Candidates

Toby Sidorski says that running for Pickerington mayor was an easy decision.

“The current administration, in my opinion, has done nothing that the residents of Pickerington want,” Sidorski said. “Surveys were done and there has been no change.

I feel that is because the same person has been mayor since 2012, and prior to his school board seat, he was mayor from 1992-1999. Prior to becoming mayor, he was on the city council.

It is time for a change, someone should not have almost 40 years of influence and power in a growing city. Our city needs to be proactive in addressing the growth and development of the community. The city needs a change at the top and I am going to bring that change.”

Who is Toby Sidorski?

Sidorski was born and raised in Wickliffe, Ohio (east of Cleveland) along with two younger sisters who now live in Montana and South Carolina. Sidorski and his wife, Shana, moved to Pickerington in 2014 when he accepted a job with the Ohio Department of Taxation. The two have four kids, Ella (age 12), Brady (age 8), Roman (age 7), and Nora (age 5).

“I am the first from my family to attend college,” Sidorski said. “Growing up in a small town, right at the time where there were opportunities to make money without a college degree, I decided to make money and go to school. I worked a 12-hour shift, five to seven days a week, in a factory running a CNC machine and attended school taking 10-12 credits a semester.”

He received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Baldwin Wallace University, then earned an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Currently, he serves as an auditor for the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

“When I first moved to Pickerington, I went through the process of being on the Tax Review Board and was chosen but had to decline due to a conflict of interest as an auditor with the Department of Taxation,” Sidorski said.

In his current position, he interacts with administrators and finance departments in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.

This is his first time running for public office.

“I have always been interested in public office and was debating a run in 2015 but that is when my oldest son, Brady, was diagnosed with cancer at 21 months old and it put a hold on everything extracurricular,” Sidorski said. “Now that we are in the clear with his treatments, it is time to throw my hat in the ring.”

Where you may have met Toby:

“Besides work, I am active in the community with many roles in youth sports,” Sidorski said. “I coach my oldest daughter’s travel basketball team, I coach both boys’ baseball teams, I am on the board for PYAA baseball and basketball, and I am a certified OHSAA basketball official and baseball umpire.”

On Sundays, Toby attends Pickerington’s Grace Fellowship Church with his family.

How Toby believes Pickerington can improve:

“Within the city I feel there are many things that need addressed,” Sidorski said. “If elected, my focus will be making Olde Pickerington a place where people can walk around, have a drink at Combustion, have a nice dinner, get dessert, or just relax and enjoy Olde Pickerington. I have already spoken with some local business owners about changes in Olde Pickerington and what they want to see, but ultimately it is up to the residents of Pickerington to decide what they want in their downtown.”

Sidorski intends to investigate more recreational options for kids and families. He also believes that the city parks can be improved by adding trails and amenities.

Another issue for the city is speeding. He intends to research different options to combat the issue in both neighborhoods and school zones.

“I believe Pickerington’s strengths are that we are a very diverse community and that brings in a whole new demographic that the current administration does not pander to. Pickerington is a place people want to come to, but then when they get here, they take their money elsewhere because we are lacking amenities. Pickerington has the ability to become one of the best suburbs in Central Ohio.”

Why Toby would be a good fit as mayor of Pickerington:

“People should elect me because “I am going to bring the change that this city needs,” Sidorski said. “The demographic is changing, the ‘old boys club’ that has run Pickerington since the 90s needs to go.

My campaign slogan is, ‘a fresh start to restore OUR city‘. Pickerington needs that fresh start, and it starts from the top. I guarantee you that changes will be made and not to benefit my personal interests, but rather the interests of the citizens of Pickerington.”

In speaking with people in both the city and the township, I have found that relationships are broken and with current leaders will not be repaired. Why are we going to allow this to continue? The time for change is NOW!”

Sidorski said that with as much money as residents pay in taxes, they should not have to visit other communities for shopping and entertainment.

“We deserve a thriving, safe community and to achieve this, I am committed to small businesses,” he said. “Small businesses are the backbone of a community. If elected, I will investigate different initiatives to entice businesses to come to Pickerington, especially Olde Pickerington.”

Sidorski would also like to see more communication between the city and the residents.

“An engaged community is a strong community,” he said. “I will actively seek your input, hold town hall meetings, and maintain an open-door policy to ensure that your voices are heard and considered in decision-making. That includes making council meetings available live stream and on demand. Transparency is key in government. I want the citizens to know what is going on and I want them to have the chance to ask questions and get involved.”

What people are saying about Toby:

“I believe Toby Sidorski can make a real change in the city of Pickerington. I met him coaching our kid’s baseball team at PYAA in 2022, and I could tell he was a solid family man who also cared about the kids he was coaching. Our families have grown close from baseball but enjoy spending time together on weekends at our homes or church as we strive to give our kids and families more than what we had growing up. I believe Toby is an honest and ethical man who can bring community, transparency and vision to the city of Pickerington. I fully endorse Toby Sidorski for Mayor of Pickerington.” – Brandon Guskey, Pickerington Resident

“I met Toby a couple years ago on the PYAA baseball fields. Toby is an exceptional family man and is involved in so many things in the community. I believe wholeheartedly that Toby would be an outstanding mayor for Pickerington. Toby has a passion for the community and its residents and is ready to make the necessary changes that the city of Pickerington needs. He has the knowledge and drive to execute a plan that is in the best interest of the city.” – Josh Hasty, Small Business Owner in Pickerington

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