County Auditor’s New Electronic Option for Pre-Approval of Legal Descriptions

June 5, 2023
Fairfield County Auditor’s Office

The Fairfield County Auditor’s Office is excited to announce new technology for the public. There is now an electronic option (with Simplifile) to submit, receive feedback, and make corrections for citizens who prefer to obtain pre-approval of a legal description of property. Pre-approval (prior to signing a deed) can help avoid the need for corrections and make things more efficient. Legal descriptions ultimately must be approved by the County Auditor’s Map Room prior to the conveyance of property.

Traditionally, documents are sent to the office for pre-approval by email, mail, or courier service. This new electronic option will increase efficiency and save money by reducing the amount of time businesses and citizens spend providing information to the office.

Dr. Carri Brown, County Auditor, stated, “The electronic process for pre-approval of legal descriptions simplifies the process and improves the County’s ability to serve its constituents. Traditional options of mailing or dropping off legal descriptions for pre-approval remain available for those who desire inperson options. For others who want to use technology, this new option will be a welcome opportunity.”

Through partnership with Simplifile, users can securely share and track documents. To view how the Simplifile process for legal descriptions works, click the following link: Welcome to Simplifile! (

There are several businesses now using Simplifile to record deeds; but if you are new to the Simplifile site and would like to set up and register an account, contact Simplifile directly at 1.801.223.1056 or

As with recording of deeds, users of the pre-approval process for legal descriptions will experience a nominal fee. These fees are offset by reduced costs users will experience, including reduced costs of labor and supplies, such as checks, postage, ink, paper, and envelopes. There is no commission to the county. The process is safe and efficient.

Do you have questions about the pre-approval process or submitting a legal description for pre-approval through Simplifile? Call (740) 652-7060, Monday- Friday, 8 am – 4 pm