Carri Brown for Fairfield County Auditor

October 16, 2022
Pickerington Online’s Meet the Candidates

Carri Brown wants to continue serving as the Fairfield County Auditor. The county commissioners appointed her to the position on October 19, 2021.

With 12 years of service in the auditor’s office, 12 years in top leadership positions in social services, and more than eight years as the county administrator, Brown has significant experience in Fairfield County government.

“It is humbling and rewarding to serve as county auditor in the office where I began my career in public service,” she said.

In Fairfield County, she was the first woman to serve as child support director and was honored as the State’s Director of the Year in 2005. She served as a Deputy Director for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, leading policy development within an organization of more than 2,000 employees. Under her direction, the agency received Ohio’s first- ever child support demonstration grants. Over the span of her career, she has managed grants of more than $160 million.

Carri Brown joins multiple Fairfield County employees and officials in wishing everyone at Job and Family Services the best during child support awareness month (August).  “JFS will always be special to me for the work they accomplish for children and families,” Brown said.

As the first woman to serve as county administrator, Carri supervised county department heads of multiple government functions. She managed a county budget of more than $220 million, increasing the carry-over for the $50 million general fund budget. Under her leadership, the county completed five major construction projects, all on time and under budget, including a complex $34 million construction project for a county jail and sheriff’s offices.

She developed the county’s first strategic plan by surveying 900 county employees, defining themes, creating transformations, gathering input from citizens, and prioritizing each strategic plan element. On two occasions, she simultaneously served as the Job and Family Services Director. She was instrumental in the creation of the county’s first workforce development center.

Fairfield County has been awarded more than 60 state and national awards for programs under her leadership,
including programs for county administration, customer service, workforce development, communications, technology,
public safety, and civic education. She has served on multiple state and national committees for local government
programs, focusing on concepts grounded in servant leadership and stakeholder theory.

Brown with her husband Cork “as they “enjoy a little downtime and shopping for school supplies for our grandchildren”.

Who is Carri Brown?

Carri lives in Lancaster, with her husband, Stephen (Cork), an attorney.  They have two adult children (Corbin and Catherine) and three grandchildren:  Ava, Simon, and Mia.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from Ohio University and was named Outstanding Alumna of the Year in 2022.  She has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organizational Management.

From 2004-2021 Brown received more than 35 National Association Achievement Awards. During the pandemic, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette selected Brown as one of the community’s “women of impact” and in 2019, Carri was honored with the Athena Award for leadership by the Lancaster-Fairfield Chamber of Commerce. 

“I continue to be very much interested in women supporting women in leadership roles,” Brown said. 

Brown with Dean Jarrod Tudor of Ohio University Lancaster at OU’s commencement  “I was so honored to be named an Alumna of the Year for 2022 and I gave a commencement speech to encourage our next generation of leaders.

In September, Brown spoke to the female business leaders at the Pickerington Chamber of Commerce. Following the presentation, April Osman, emailed Brown.

“Your presentation spoke volumes to my colleague and me,” Osman said. “We look forward to utilizing the knowledge you shared today with our team, customers, and competitors. I can foresee these lessons helping not only from a career standpoint but on a personal level. We plan on attending many more events in the future. Thank you for gracing us with your empowering presentation.”

Osman’s words moved Brown.

“Especially with the word ’empowering’ because it is so important that leaders strive to empower others to act,” Brown said. “I have dedicated my life to Fairfield County, not only with public service, but also with community service. I have served as President of the United Way, a board member of Destination Downtown Lancaster, and an active participant for multiple other boards and committees. I am dedicated to making Fairfield County the best it can be for all of its residents.”

What are People Saying About Carri Brown?

All three Fairfield County Commissioners wrote letters to Pickerington Online endorsing Brown for county auditor.

Comissioner Dave Levacy wrote, “There is absolutely no doubt that Carri Brown is the most qualified, experienced and energetic candidate for Fairfield County Auditor, and she has proven her value time and again.”

Brown with her oldest grandchild, Ava. “I just love spending time with my grandchildren.  In their faces, I can see everyone I have ever loved, and it is such a joy!”

Comissioner Jeff Fix said, “Carri’s dedication to excellence, tireless effort to improve local government, and enthusiastic focus on our community and stakeholders is unmatched. Carri’s outstanding stewardship during her eight years of leading all county agencies strengthened the Fairfield County’s fiscal position while consistently improving our service to the community.”

As for Comissioner Steve Davis, he wrote, “Throughout my career in Fairfield County government, I have had the opportunity to work with many local leaders. I have never seen a more qualified, dedicated and experienced candidate than Carri Brown, at any time, for any office. “

“We are in touch with employees and business leaders. and we know of the respect they have for Carri and the eagerness they have for her to serve as County Auditor.” – Staci Knisley, Judy Shupe, Elaine Swartz, Steve Luchtenberg, Al Beavers, Lindy Jackson, Lori Sanders, &. Lance Meyer

“Carri’s dedication and professionalism in dealing with complicated problems and issues have kept our wonderful county on the right course. I believe she is the right person we need to maintain the high level of fiscal responsibility we have enjoyed over the years.” – Mike Tussey

“I have known Carri since 1988 when I was heavily engaged in my real estate business, and when Carri served as Deputy Auditor. Carri has always demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and commitmt!.nt to public service. I don’t believe there is a more loyal, harder working public servant. Carri is a person of unwavering integrity and is always ready to help others. She has made the Republican Party look good in the leadership roles she has served, and she will continue to do so by taking the county auditor’s office to the next level, just as she has with other offices.” – Pearleene Reffitt

Sheriff Alex Lape, Clerk of Courts Branden Meyer, Commissioner Dave Levacy, Governor Mike DeWine, Auditor Carri Brown, First Lady Fran DeWine, Engineer Jeremiah Upp, Governor’s Representative Young, Commissioner Jeff Fix, and Recorder Lisa McKenzie.  County elected officials were connecting with Governor DeWine in July to network about Fairfield County’s and Ohio’s future. “The Governor began his career as a County Prosecutor, and he commented on how important it was to stay connected with the local officials.  He said he always listened to the County Auditor with any guidance provided, and he was very encouraging to me.”

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