“Jesus Christ Superstar” This Weekend

Jesus Christ (Brenton LeuVoy) is swarmed by the poor, sick and hungry in the Millersport Community Theatre’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

On April 8-10, Millersport Community Theatre (MCT) will present Jesus Christ Superstar.

Director Johanna Whestone-LeuVoy believes the show is for everyone – whether they are religious or not.

“This is a very different retelling of the last few days of Jesus Christ,” Whetstone-LeuVoy said. “We have a different spin on it. It’s also not unlike a rock concert with the nature of the music. Our band is phenomenal, our cast is ridiculously talented, and our production team has worked like crazy to bring this show to life.”

Jesus Christ Superstar has always been special to Whetstone-LeuVoy’s family.

“Prior to me being born, they’d seen it on Broadway and on several national tours. I initially didn’t understand the hype and my only real exposure was the live version with John Legend and the concept album.

Annas (Ashley James) and Caiaphas (Jim Whetstone) convince Judas Iscariot (Joshua Whetstone – in center) to betray Jesus.

I decided to give it another shot with my husband, and we sat and rented the 2012 UK Arena Tour Pro-shot. I was sobbing by the end. The way they told the story was so poignant. I’d typically written the show off because of the robes and sandals and this tour made the show accessible to all audiences by modernizing it and making it relatable to a general audience. I loved it so much that I bought the tour version and I’ve probably seen it about 80 times without even being hyperbolic. We applied for the rights in September of 2021 and fought for them until December.”

Whetstone-LeuVoy believes that the Superstar performers may be “the most talented cast I’ve seen on one stage in the greater Columbus area – completely unbiased opinion.

Mary Magdalene (Kasie Winters) convinces Jesus to rest.

I don’t think the cast expected me to push them so hard. They’re having to learn a completely new way of acting than they’re used to with the shows we’ve done before but they’re rising to the challenge. The amount of times I’ve dropped the pen and stared in awe at my cast because they’re so vocally talented and so dedicated to this show. I could not ask for a better group of people.”

Whetstone-LeuVoy has directed a variety of productions in the past, but this is her first time directing a musical.

“I have, however, been on the other side of the production team, having previously music directed and choreographed multiple shows,” Whetstone-LeuVoy said. “I love to act and perform but for this show, I have a very specific vision and idea for everything.

When I saw the show, I didn’t see myself in it. I saw the full picture. My training is mostly rooted in Sanford Meisner, who was a great acting teacher specific to realism. That’s something I knew I could bring to the table to make this show something special and help educate in the process.”

Pontius Pilate (Ethan Mauger) begs Jesus to defend himself.

Superstar is a one-act musical that runs about an hour and twenty minutes. There will not be an intermission.

With tickets selling faster than MCT’s last two productions, Whetstone-LeuVoy strongly recommends purchasing tickets in advance at www.mctohio.com, although tickets will be available at the door. All tickets are $15 reserved seating, first come/first served.

“The show is one weekend only, with no streaming opportunities, so do not miss your chance on this one,” Whetstone-LeuVoy said.

On Friday and Saturday, the shows start at 7:30 p.m., while the Sunday matinee will begin at 2 p.m. All performances take place at the Millersport Elementary School Auditorium, 11850 Lancaster Street in Millersport. The house opens 30 minutes before the showtime. 

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