Cross Mound & Sensory Trail Parks

Named after Cross Mound, the park is home to an unusual earthwork. Sensory Trail Park was acquired in 2017. This amazing little park is, well, amazing!   Read more

Arney Run & Two Glaciers

Three of the six bridges on the Fairfield County Historical Bridges Road Trip are in Arney Run and Two Glaciers Parks. The second and third parks to be features in the Park District's Then, Now, Tomorrow series.  Read more

PLSD Discuss Return

Pickerington Schools is considering a return to full-week, in-person classes after Spring Break. The district is also contemplating how to restore graduations and proms. Read more

Visiting Smeck Park

Near Baltimore at 7395 Basil Road, Smeck Park is a lesser known addition to the Fairfield County Park District featuring wooded trails and historic structures. Read more

Violet to Help Mt. Carmel

Violet Township paramedics are forgoing their off time to aid the staff of the Mount Carmel hospitals in the battle against COVID-19. Read more

Park District Spring Levy

On the May 4 ballot, Fairfield County Park District (FCPD) intends to ask voters to renew a levy to fund the parks system for another ten years. Read more

"Bond is 'BOGO'" - PLSD

On May 4, the Pickerington Local Schools will ask voters to finance construction of a new junior high school and the expansion of both high schools.  Read more

Local Covid Testing

Pickerington Online has compiled a listing of local testing options along with whether or not they require referrals.


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