Meet Shelby Hunt for Violet Twp. Trustee

October 15, 2021
Pickerington Online’s Meet the Candidates

Shelby Hunt, candidate for Violet Township Trustee, believes that the community has strayed from Judeo-Christian ethics and that the township and the country needs “people willing to be guided by and externalize those ethics”.

“The need for principled local government is now more important than ever as the Federal government has allowed the social contract to be broken,” Hunt said. “The best way to reclaim our Constitutional Republic is through grassroots representation at the local level.”

If elected, Hunt intends to “stay prayerful and humble with principled leadership.”

Hunt enjoys living in the community despite there being areas which he deems in need of improvement.

Doing paperwork – Groveport Police Department

“Pickerington has just about every amenity needed for daily-life,” he said. “You really don’t ever have to leave. Plus, it is close to both the ‘city’ and minutes away from ‘country-side’ escapes.”

However, the community does have several interconnected issues which Hunt wishes to address – controlling growth, improving infrastructure, and attracting local manufacturing.

First, the township must revamp its zoning regulations and create a master plan for future development.  That master plan should include road improvements and the creation of more sidewalks. Furthermore, Violet must explore avenues to develop manufacturing business rather than just office parks and retail spaces, Hunt said.

He also desires more communication between the local governments and the Pickerington Local School District seeing “as decisions by either side impact the other…more houses mean more students…”

Another issue about which Hunt feels strongly is the community’s Covid response. He is opposed to mandates and believes that local leaders need to give “voice and consideration to doctors and scientists advocating alternative therapies and approaches.”

Assembling Gospel Tracts – Pickerington Baptist Temple

A link on Hunt’s campaign page includes many articles questioning the effectiveness and safety of the various Covid vaccines as well as speculation regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement with “gain-of-function” research linked to the creation of the virus.

A deciding factor for Hunt’s decision to run for office came after a conversation last spring with current trustee Melissa Wilde about the increase in “Help Wanted” signs around town.

“Her response – it was the fault of the businesses,” Hunt said. “That they needed to pay more, spurred me to run. As a small business owner, I know the rippling effects wage increases have on the business itself and their customers. Pretty simple really, higher wages mean higher prices to the customer.”

“It seems cliché at this point since it has been said by so many and then found to be untrue, but I’m not a politician. I am running for the betterment of our community and preserve what is best about Violet Township in these challenging times. I will serve as trustee grounded on principles not perceptions.”

Who is Shelby Hunt?

“I was born in Amarillo, Texas, but moved here (Reynoldsburg) at age seven with my parents, so I grew up in the area.,” Hunt said. “My father, Robert, was a Vietnam-era veteran and worked mostly in sales but is now deceased. My mother, Hattie, is retired from a subsidiary of Affiliated Computer Services and currently resides with me. I have one younger sister named Sheila Rossiter and she lives here in Huntington Hills with her husband Dave and their three children, Matthew (age 8), Olivia (age 6) and Ethan (age 2). Both Dave and Sheila operate their own small businesses.”

In EMT Gear – Granville Fire Department

Hunt studied Criminal Justice at Ohio Dominican College (now University) when the Perry Township Police commissioned him to earn a Peace Officer Certification.

After graduating from the police academy, he joined the Granville Police Department at which time he also completed basic firefighter training and served as a volunteer with the Granville Fire Department.

A few years later, Groveport hired Hunt to join their police force and by the age of 25 he was promoted to Sergeant.

During this time Hunt also recognized a need for better local access to the internet and co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture, NexTek Designs, which provided regional internet service. He sold the business and left police work to pursue a career in media.

According to Shelby’s campaign website, he became the first Internet Sales Manager for WWCD FM and he helped the radio station become one of the first to livestream content. Shelby left WWCD to establish his own business Rogue Media in 2005 while also working for NBC4 as their Director of Interactive Development.

Hunt has lived in the Pickerington/Violet Township area for 20 years. He attends Pickerington Baptist Temple, serving on the church’s audio/visual team and livestreaming the services.

“I moved here for the quality of life offered and being close to both Columbus and connections I have in the Granville area,” he said.

In his leisure time, Shelby enjoys exercising, sports shooting and snowboarding.  He is an active gamer of both collectible card and video games.

What do Shelby Hunt’s Supporters Say?

“Over the years we have come to know Shelby as an innovator and entrepreneur,” said Violet Township resident Bryan Moore. “His background includes working in public service, in business and in media. He knows the needs of the community, he knows how to innovate for solutions, he has a passion for service, and he knows how to communicate his true principled, Christian conservative leadership to the people of Violet Township.”

Pickerington Baptist Temple Booth – Pickerington KidzFest

Moore said that township leaders must be more “dynamic and innovative” for Violet Township to become an “even greater place to play, work, learn, worship, and thrive. I believe Shelby Hunt can do this for us and will do this with us.”

B.J. VanAman agrees with Moore’s assessment.

“Shelby Hunt is a courageous leader, driven by his Christian faith and his love for family, community and nation,” VanAman said. “He is a humble servant and true conservative, which he has proven in his previous careers as a law enforcement officer and firefighter. As our Township Trustee, I know Shelby will work hard to represent all residents of the township. Shelby is determined to bring about lasting change and meaningful growth while remaining committed to the Christian virtues that made our community, state, and nation great. I can’t wait to cast my vote for Shelby Hunt in this November’s Township election!”

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