Rise-Up Presents: “Pirates! The Musical”

Photo by Judith Cosgray of Rise Up Alliance

March 30, 2022

April 1-3, the Rise Up Arts Alliance will present the children’s production of Pirates! The Musical at the Lancaster Masonic Lodge #57, 224 South High Street.

“We’re off to sail the rollicking sea, pirates all are we! But arrrr! And shiver me timbers! There’s a stowaway on board! Perhaps the King of the High C’s will know what to do. Join the salty crew of colorful scallywags when Bluebeard, Yellowbeard, Whitebeard, Purplebeard – well, you get the picture – along with the No Beards, hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail for a mighty adventure!”

Featuring Rise Up’s youngest actors, the musical will be the first performance for many of the kids. For others, this will be their first speaking role.

Director Judith Cosgray describes Pirates! The Musical as “a 30-minute, family-friendly show that takes you on the journey of a stowaway wishing to become a pirate.”

Cosgray encourages families to bring their children.

Video provided by Rise Up Alliance

“It is such a fun musical, and since it is only 30 minutes it is specifically designed to appeal to all audiences young and old,” Cosgray said. “It may even be the first musical many students have the opportunity to see. Children may even enjoy it so much that they want to join in on our next production.

The arts are so important in their development. It helps them to develop and enhance their social skills, regulate their emotions, as well as increase their vocabulary and reading skills – just to name a few!”

Liam Dascal, who plays Whitebeard for Cast A, said that people should see Pirates “because everybody needs old-school entertainment now and then.”

Lily Rowe, who plays Yellowbeard in Cast A, agreed.

“The shows are super enjoyable – both to see and to watch,” Rowe said. “and also they are super awesome!”

Tickets may be reserved via the online box office for $12.00 per adult. Tickets for children 11 and younger are free.

The show opens Friday, April 1 at 7 pm. There will be two performances on Saturday April 2 – at 2 pm and at 7pm, then the last chance to catch the show will be the 2 pm Sunday matinée.

Rise Up is an arts consortium including Rise Up Youth Theatre, Glass City Community Theater, Snapshots Photography Club, The Writers Circle, and Central Ohio Costumers Guild.

Any arts organization or schools may join the alliance and thus gain access to Rise Up’s network for sharing props and costumes.

Currently, the group is compiling a database of items to share including an audio/visual kit. The kit, made possible by a grant from the Fairfield County Foundation and the Ann Chess Fund, includes wireless microphones, speakers, and a followspot.

The next Rise Up show will be The Somewhat True Story of Robin Hood on June 10-12. For more information, please visit the Alliance’s website at: www.riseupartsalliance.org/ or follow them on Facebook.

Photo by Judith Cosgray of Rise Up Alliance

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