Police/Sheriff’s Reports April 10-16, 2022

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Pickerington Police:

Times are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

April 10

10:30 am: Loss Prevention at Kohls alerted the police that a man was allegedly trying to steal merchandise. The prevention official recognized the suspect from previous thefts. The officer arrived just as the man exited the store carrying bags. When the officer called to him, the suspect dropped the bags, ran to a car and drove away.  The recovered bags contained $366.39 worth of merchandise.

11:45 pm: Three teenage boys allegedly harassed a family in the area of Stonebridge Boulevard. The family heard what they believed to be gunfire followed by pounding on their garage door. A vehicle sustained minor damage.

April 12

12:00 pm: A Pickerington Central freshman allegedly told police that he has been bringing an by Orbeez gun (water-filled plastic pellets) to school for the past 20 days. Witnesses and the school surveillance system agreed that on multiple occasions the boy had been shooting other students in the parking lot. No serious injuries were reported.

April 13

3:15 pm: A 20-year-old man from the Tussing Road area, allegedly walked behind the counter at Speedway and began pocketing Juul Virginia packs.  When confronted by the manager, he handed over two bottles of Pepsi and a Cerveza Model, but not the Juul packs (valued at $59.74). On April 15, at 1:15 am, police found the suspect loitering behind Marco’s Pizza.

3:30 pm: Walking home from school, a Pickerington Central, two students were shot by Orbeez (water-filled plastic pellets) in front of the Circle K. An hour later, one of the boys still had a “circular welt” on his arm. This was not the first time this had occurred. Three Pickerington teenage boys were suspected of the assault and the police took their Orbeez gun.

3:45 pm: Four Pickerington teenage boys were allegedly driving around vaping, when the fifteen-year-old allegedly took two hits then “started freaking out”. According to the police report, the boy punched the driver then bit him on the arm. The driver parked the car at Pickerington Ridge.  Everyone exited the car but the fifteen-year-old collapsed on the ground until police and medics arrived to transport him to the hospital.

April 14

5:15 pm: Unknown individuals broke into a Jeep parked at Cracker Barrel and stole a backpack with a laptop, headphones and a phone charger.

5:15 pm: A Newark man contacted Pickerington Police to report that he had located his stolen car in the Kohls parking lot. Police allegedly found the suspect, a 24-year-old Newark woman, shoplifting inside the store.  

6:30 pm: A 29-year-old Pickerington man drove through Colony Park’s park and got stuck in the mud.  He told the officer that he was trying to catch his dogs and that a friend was on the way to free the truck.

10:00 pm: A gun was stollen from an unlocked vehicle on Highland Ridge Drive.

April 15

1:00 am: Unknown suspect(s) set off a “10 Ball Roman Candle” in the side yard of a home on Stonebridge Boulevard.

April 16

6:00 pm: On the streets around Sycamore Creek Elementary a young girl was riding her bike when she said a strange man walked toward her and pulled a knife from the pocket of his hoodie.  He was white, approximately six-feet tall, looked to be in his early thirties, but had gray hair. She rode to a friends house and the friend’s family called the police.

10:00 pm: An employee of the BP on the corner of Refugee and Hill Roads was shot by a BB gun while taking out the trash.  The shooter was riding in a silver mid-sized sedan.

10:00 pm: An officer discovered a 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy, both from Pickerington, hanging out at Victory Park after dark.  The officer explained to the boys that the park was closed. As he escorted the boys, he heard glass clink in one boy’s bag.  The boy explained that it was “just lemonade” but when the officer asked to see the bottle it was Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Ends up the boys had more than one bottle of the “lemonade” plus a bottle of Buzzball.

Fairfield County Sheriff:

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office created the following blotter and posted it on their Facebook page. You can also get news and updates by downloading the Sheriff’s Office app for your smartphone.

April 10

  • 7900 block of Banker Dr., Violet Twp., domestic dispute, parties separated, report taken.
  • Memorial Dr./Ety Dr., traffic stop, 26 yr. old male arrested for OVI and transported to the Fairfield County Jail.
  • 9300 block of Cincinnati-Zanesville Rd., Amanda Twp., 43 yr. old male transported to the hospital for medical evaluation.

April 11

  • 200 block of Bartlett St., Bremen, information report, follow-up report on-going.
  • PNC Bank, 6400 Gender Rd., Canal Winchester, robbery, two male subjects fled the scene, Crime Alert and Press Release posted to Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office social media pages. Investigation on-going.
  • 12000 block of Bentwood Ct., Violet Twp., identity theft, account created using victim’s information, report taken.

April 12

  • Meijer, Canal Winchester, petty theft, subjects fled from a fire exit to a waiting car, stealing a TV, investigation on-going.
  • 100 block of Hocking St., Canal Winchester, domestic dispute, report taken.
  • 8800 block of Basil-Western Rd., Violet Twp., information report, alarm drop, deputies cleared the business, no signs of forced entry.
  • 1600 block of E. Main St., Lancaster, assistance given.
  • 60 block of Beaver St., Carroll, vandalism, graffiti drawn on playground equipment, report taken.
  • 3200 block of Cottonwood Ct., Walnut Twp., identity fraud, account opened in victim’s name, report taken.

April 13

  • 2600 block of Lancaster-Circleville Rd., Hocking Twp., identity fraud, victim’s information was used to make a purchase online, report taken.
  • 7700 block of Glenwood Ct., Violet Twp., information report taken.
  • 6500 block of Coonpath Rd., Bloom Twp., telephone harassment, report taken.
  • 7400 block of Lancaster-Thornville Rd., Walnut Twp., Criminal Trespass, unknown person on property, subject left, report taken.
  • 9900 block of Sixteenth Rd., Clearcreek Twp., telephone harassment, report taken.
  • Kroger, Canal Winchester, petty theft, subject left the store with stolen groceries, investigation on-going.
  • Grapevine Pizza, Canal Winchester, disorderly conduct by Intoxication, 45 yr. old female arrested and transported to the Fairfield County Jail.

April 14

  • Pickerington Rd., Benadum Rd., Violet Twp., traffic stop, 34 yr. old female arrested for outstanding warrant and transported to the Fairfield County Jail, 51 yr. old male subject issued a citation for driving under suspension and multiple other suspensions, vehicle was impounded.
  • 900 block of Groveport Rd., Canal Winchester, theft, report taken.
  • 13000 block of Wanda Dr., Liberty Twp., identity fraud, someone used victim’s information to file tax returns and opened a fraudulent bank account, report taken.
  • 9000 block of Tarlton Rd., Clearcreek Twp., trespassing, report taken.
  • 7900 block of Lithopolis Rd., Bloom Twp., verbal dispute, parties separated for the night, report taken.

April 15

  • 6500 block of Hemmingford Dr., Canal Winchester, stolen vehicle, vehicle recovered near Wilmington, OSP initiated traffic stop.
  • 2700 block of Boving Rd., Hocking Twp., theft/deception, report taken.
  • Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Lobby, information report taken.
  • 5900 Swartz Mill Rd., Berne Twp., transport to medical facility for medical evaluation.
  • Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office – Violet Sub-Station, identity fraud, report taken.
  • Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, theft, checking account hacked, report taken.
  • 6500 Lancaster-Thornville Rd., Walnut Twp., breaking and entering, investigation on-going.
  • Meijer, Lancaster, petty theft, 27 yr. old female arrested and transported to the Fairfield County Jail.
  • Pickerington Rd./Benadum Rd., Violet Twp., traffic stop
  • 3100 block of Wheeling Rd., Pleasant Twp., domestic dispute, parties agreed to separate for the evening.

April 16

  • 200 block of S. Main St., Sugar Grove, vandalism, wooden privacy fence hit by motor vehicle, report taken.
  • 6800 block of John Dr., Canal Winchester, attempted burglary, deputies cleared the scene, report taken.
  • Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Lobby, domestic violence, individual came to speak to a deputy regarding threats and harassment, 36 yr. old male was arrested by Licking County Sheriff’s Office out of a warrant from our county.
  • 3000 block of Lithopolis Rd., domestic disturbance/assault, 42 yr. old male arrested for assault, unlawful restraint, and OVI, transported to the Fairfield County Jail.

Pickerington Police & Fairfield County Sheriff’s Reports April 3-9, 2022

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