Letter to Editor: Pro-Life Leader “It’s Election Day!”

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October 10, 2023

With early voting opening today in Ohio, Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone urged pro-life, pro-family voters in the state to vote No on Issue 1, and to treat every day between now and Nov. 7 as Election Day. 

“We have to have the same enthusiasm and vigor each day to get pro-life people to the polls. There’s no need to wait until November. Limiting ourselves to one day ends up losing votes when unforeseen circumstances arise.”

“Neither the people of Ohio nor of America want unlimited abortion,” Pavone said of the proposed ballot amendment that would invent a right to abortion and impose it on the state constitution. 

“This contradicts the will of the people of Ohio, as reflected in the strongly protective laws they have passed through their elected representatives – the mechanism, of course, that the Supreme Court highlighted in Dobbs as the way to craft abortion policy in America,” he said.

Pavone continued: “New data from Ohio shows that in the 11 weeks the Heartbeat law was in effect, protecting babies from abortion once a heartbeat can be detected, abortions in the state dropped 15 percent,” Pavone said. “This is a law Ohio residents supported through their elected representatives. This ballot fight, on the other hand, has been fueled by out-of-state dollars and disinformation. No pro-lifer can sit out this election.

“As I have said to pro-lifers in states with much less regard for life than Ohio: Your state does not belong to the courts, to pro-abortion lawmakers, or to pro-abortion groups either inside or outside of Ohio. It belongs to you. 

“If you want abortion on demand, voting No on Issue 1 will not deprive you of the opportunity to pass such a law. 

“But if Issue 1 passes, then you will be deprived of the opportunity to pass laws like the ones you’ve already passed to protect these babies.

“Vote No on Issue 1 to protect unborn children and their families and to protect your rights as citizens to set abortion policy in the future.”

– Priests for Life