Police/Sheriff’s Reports March 26-April 2

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Pickerington Police:

Times are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

March 28

3:30 pm: On Warwick Lane two Pickerington boys (ages 13 and 16) allegedly started a fight with another Pickerington boy.  One boy wielded a PVC pipe.

3:30 pm: A resident on Carron Circle reported a man repeatedly parking in the neighborhood to do drugs in his car.  When questioned, the 20-year-old Pickerington man reportedly explained that he could not smoke at his parent’s house.

7:00 pm: Five children ranging in age from nine to 13 broke a wooden door playing ding-dong-ditch along Great Trail Street.   

March 29

12:45 am: While parked outside Gionino’s Pizzeria on Stonecreek Drive, a witnesses reported that a 41-year-old Pickerington man had been shot in the hand.  His wife, who was driving, took him to the Mount Carmel emergency room located at the corner of Taylor Drive and State Route 256 in Reynoldsburg.

Pickerington Police learned that earlier that night around 10 pm, Columbus Police had allegedly encountered the same man outside Spectators Sports Grill and Lounge on Gender Road when they responded to a report of someone with a gun making threats in the parking lot.

The victim said that he had been shot around 10 pm.

When the officers arrived at the emergency room, they allegedly saw through the window a silver handgun with a white handle on the passenger seat. 

12:30 pm: Two boys got into a fight at Ridgeview Junior High.

March 30

6:30 pm: A 15-year-old boy allegedly stole shaving cream, air freshener, snacks and candy from Kroger on Hill Road with the intention of reselling the candy as his business.

10:30 pm: A man called Kroger on Hill Road to ask if anyone had found his phone.  A customer had found the phone.  The caller said he would return to the store to pick-up his phone.  A little later a young man wearing a uniform for a local business allegedly arrived to ask for his phone. A Kroger employee handed him the found and the man went on his way.

Shortly after, the man who had actually called the store, came to retrieve his phone only to learn it had been given to someone else. Using the “Find My iPhone” App, the police helped the rightful owner track his phone to a local business that matched the suspect’s work shirt.

11:45 pm: A 19-year-old Columbus woman and her 17-year-old boyfriend from Violet began to argue while parked at the Fairfield County Water Treatment facility off Tussing Road. The woman alleges that her boyfriend exited the vehicle and climbed onto the hood of the car where he could punch and kick the windshield. She started to drive, and he fell off the hood. She told the police that she checked on him, but he told her to leave.

Witnesses came across the woman allegedly pulling on the man and telling him to “get up”.  Then the woman left.

They asked the boy if he needed help, but he replied that he was “good”.  Not believing him, they called the police.  The boy struggled to walk off the street, then collapsed face down in the gravel along the side of Tussing Road, which was where the Pickerington Police found him. He was in obvious pain and vomiting.  Violet Township medics transported him to Mount Carmel East.

The case was turned over to Columbus Police due to jurisdiction.

March 31

6:45 pm: A 42-year-old Columbus woman and a 27-year-old Columbus woman allegedly shoplifted more than $1,700 worth of items from Kohls.  Drugs believed to be marijuana and Adderall were confiscated.  The older woman allegedly fled the scene.

April 1

3:45 pm: Two unidentified women repeatedly entered the Kroger on Hill Road where they allegedly screamed and rough housed.  A juvenile employee who asked them to leave during their second visit became their target.  They reportedly returned again threatening to beat the juvenile.

Fairfield County Sheriff:

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office created the following blotter and posted it on their Facebook page. You can also get news and updates by downloading the Sheriff’s Office app for your smartphone.

March 28

  • 9500 block of Basil-Western Rd., Violet Twp., petty theft, tire taken from a work truck, report taken
  • 2300 block of Boving Rd., Hocking Twp., trespassing call, 39 yr. old male, arrested for outstanding warrants and transported to the Fairfield County Jail
  • 3300 block of Savage Hill Rd., Berne Twp., warrant, 41 yr. old male had multiple outstanding warrants, arrested, and transported to the Fairfield County Jail
  • 300 block of W. Waterloo St., Canal Winchester, identity fraud, report filed
  • 5000 block of Canal Rd., Walnut Twp., identity fraud, report filed

March 29

  • 7800 block of Shady Maple Dr., Violet Twp., theft, report taken
  • 4000 block of Jacob’s Ladder Rd., Hocking Twp., assistance given, report taken
  • 9200 block of SR22, Amanda Twp., Identity Fraud, report taken
  • 8400 block of Carroll-Northern Rd., Liberty Twp., Identity Fraud, report taken
  • 5500 block of Drinkle Rd., Madison Twp., litter complaint, trash against fence-line, area will be cleaned up, report taken
  • 10000 block of Berkshire St., Violet Twp., Identity Fraud, report taken
  • Pickerington Rd./Refugee Rd., Violet Twp., wallet found, brought to property room, report taken
  • 2600 block of Kull Rd., Greenfield Twp., male subject, transported to hospital for medical evaluation
  • 9700 block of Merry Ln., Violet Twp., 42 yr. old male, had an outstanding warrant, transported to the Fairfield County Jail.

March 30

  • 300 block of E. Market St. Baltimore, theft, report taken
  • 11000 block of Sixteenth Rd., Clearcreek Twp., litter complaint, area will be cleaned, and follow-up will continue, report taken
  • 2700 Hamburg Rd., Hocking Twp., litter complaint, open burning/dumping, area will be cleaned, and follow-up will continue, report taken
  • Canal Winchester Substation, identity theft, report taken
  • 6700 Cherry Bend, Canal Winchester, petty theft, lost/stolen license plate, report taken
  • 1500 block of E Main St., Lancaster, warrant, 50 yr. old male, arrested for outstanding warrant and taken to the Fairfield County Jail
  • 4600 block of Old Logan Rd., Berne Twp., theft, items were taken in a move, never returned, report taken.
  • 6900 block of Pickerington Rd., Violet Twp., traffic stop, citation issued
  • 7800 block of Refugee Rd., stolen vehicle, 2018 Black Hyundai Elantra
  • 33 E @ Miller Farm Run, traffic stop, 32 yr. old male arrested for drug possession and transported to the Fairfield County Jail

March 31

  • 9700 block of Tarlton Rd., Clearcreek Twp., solid waste/open burning/dumping, two large burn piles on side of residence, report taken
  • 13000 block of Pickerington Rd., Violet Twp., threats/harassment, report taken
  • 3200 block of Wheeling Rd., Pleasant Twp., litter complaint, two mattresses laying near mailbox, report taken.
  • Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, found wallet, placed in evidence room
  • 4700 block of Refugee Rd., Liberty Twp., identity theft, someone filed taxes in victim’s name, report taken

April 1

  • 13000 block of West Bank Dr., Walnut Twp., criminal damaging, report taken
  • 7600 block of Otterbein Trl., Bloom Twp., identity fraud, fraudulent unemployment claim filed, report taken
  • 6200 block of Fairway Ln. Canal Winchester, identity fraud, fraudulent unemployment claim filed, report taken
  • 400 block of Hamburg Rd., Hocking Twp., identity fraud, account opened in victim’s name, report taken
  • 7300 block of Connor Ave., Canal Winchester, identity fraud, account opened in victim’s name, report taken
  • Home Depot, Canal Winchester, petty theft, victim fled prior to law enforcement arrival, report taken
  • 9500 block of Reigle Rd., Amanda Twp., stolen vehicle, 2006 Red Mercury Milan, report taken

April 2

  • 114 N Trine St., Canal Winchester, domestic dispute, violation of protection order, parties separated, report taken
  • 6400 block of Winchester Blvd., Canal Winchester, theft, catalytic converter cut from a transport van, report taken
  • 1100 block of Tarkiln Rd., Berne Twp., warrant, 65 yr. old male, arrested and transported to the Fairfield County Jail
  • 7800 block of Refugee Rd., Violet Twp., 38 yr. old female, arrested for OVI and taken to the Fairfield County Jail.
  • 11000 block of Windridge Dr., Violet Twp., 19 yr. old male and 50 yr. old male, arrested and transported to the Fairfield County Jail for Domestic Violence

Pickerington Police & Fairfield County Sheriff’s Reports March 19-25

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