Fairfield County Foundation to Celebrate 34-Hour Give on #GivingTuesday

November 1, 2023
From the Fairfield County Foundation

The Fairfield County Foundation will be holding the 34-Hour Give, their annual fundraising event inspired by #GivingTuesday, once again on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year, the Foundation will award up to $34,000 in gifts, matching donations made over 34 hours beginning November 28th at 8am through November 29th at 6pm. And, in celebration of the 10th year of this special fundraising event to kick-off the holiday giving season, the Foundation will be giving away an additional $10,000!

“We are thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of our ‘Get your Give On’ events. It really has become a Fairfield County tradition, and the impact continues to grow,” said Amy Eyman, CEO of the Fairfield County Foundation. “We have raised over $1.1 million through our annual Give events. With the Foundation’s match, that is $1,432,006 to support local organizations that are making a difference each day in our community. We’re honored to offer an additional $10,000 this year as a special thank you to our local non-profits that have helped raise awareness of this incredible event.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Any donor or non-profit wishing to receive matching funds during the 34-Hour Give must have a fund at the Fairfield County Foundation, as all donations and matching dollars will be added to the designated fund.
  • Donors and non-profit organizations should secure new donations from individuals — that must be made online at www.fairfieldcountyfoundation.org through the Donate Now link or in person at the Fairfield County Foundation offices—during the event’s specified date and time. Donations sent through the mail will not count toward the match.
  • At least $34,000 in matching gifts will be awarded. All donations received during the 34-Hour Give will be eligible for matching funds on a pro-rata basis, which gives everyone who participates the opportunity to have their donations increased.
  • Matching gifts will be distributed based on the percentage each fund receives of the total contributions made during the 34-Hour Give. For example, a fund with donations that account for 5% of the total 34-Hour Give contributions would receive 5% of the $34,000 in matching funds, or $1,700. No single gift, by an individual, to a single organization, can receive more than 20% of the total match amount.
  • This year’s 10th anniversary $10,000 giveaway will work like this: For each donation a fund receives during the 34-Hour Give, that fund will receive an entry into the fishbowl. At noon on Friday, Dec. 1, the Foundation will go live on Facebook and draw 10 funds from the bowl. Each fund drawn will receive an additional $1,000 gift. A fund will only be eligible to win one $1,000 gift – no repeats.

If you have any questions about the 34-Hour Give, please contact Amy Eyman at 740-654-8451 or aeyman@fairfieldcountyfoundation.org.

The Fairfield County Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that along with its supporters, helps to sustain and enhance the quality of life and economic viability in our community. Its scholarship program helps to sustain opportunities for local youth to achieve their academic goals. The Foundation was formed in 1989 and grants today continue to support the arts, children’s programs, health and wellness projects, community development, academics, and more. For more information about the Foundation, please call 740-654-8451 or visit www.fairfieldcountyfoundation.org.