Letter: Join Scouts – It’s Lots of Fun!

Members of BSA Troop 256 attempt a kick line on a camping trip. Photo provided by Jeanette Castoe

June 3, 2022
From Abby Jennings, Sixth-grader at Harmon Middle School

Have you ever wanted or considered joining Scouts?  If you had but then kinda forgot about it, I am going to try to persuade you to join. I am in Troop 256 and I love it!

We go outside a ton and go on lots of fun camping trips. There are a few troops here in Pickerington but after looking through their meeting schedules, Troop 256 just seemed like the best fit.

Troops are for kids in grades five and up but if you are younger, there is also Cub Scouts for kids in kindergarten and up to fourth grade! The Pack I recommend is Pack 51.  I went there for Cub Scouts and had such an amazing time! Pack 51 is small so you will get more ranks done and easier. 

Troop 256 is a girl and boy troop along with Pack 51.  Troop 256 is scout-led unlike Cub Scouts, but they are both super fun.  If you like outside and hanging out with super cool and fun adults and scouts, I would definitely recommend scouting.

Scouting is also a good place to learn life skills including knots, hiking, wilderness survival, S.O.S. signals and so much more. After reading this, maybe you will think about joining this amazing program called Scouts BSA or Cub Scouts!

Here is why again. You have lots of fun, you learn lots of skills that you might need later on, and you get to go outside and enjoy nature!

Hello Abby,
Thank you for sharing how awesome your experience with BSA Scouting has been. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun and making friends!

For anyone interested in joining Pickerington Cub Scout Pack 51, the group’s website is: http://pack51pickerington.scoutlander.com/. The public Facebook page for Pickerington BSA Troop 256 is: https://www.facebook.com/BSAGirlTroop256

Thanks again for writing to us!
Sincerely, Pickerington Online