Meet Steve Anderson – PLSD Candidate

October 23, 2023
Pickerington Online’s Meet the Candidates

“I have been involved in the Pickerington community for the past 45 years as a teacher, coach and substitute teacher. Through the years as the system grew the education standards have gradually lost ground. Many of the current school board members have been in place during this decline. I would like to see our schools once again become tops in the state.” – Steve Anderson

Anderson is one of five candidates vying for three seats on the Pickerington Local School Board in the November 7 election.

Anderson’s platform:

“The school system, as it has grown, has drifted away from plotting its own educational course and has adopted the path of standardized and diluted state mandates,” Anderson said.

He believes that to follow a better route, teachers should be restored as leaders within the schools and brought to the table when discussing district issues.

“The strength of the Pickerington schools lies in the dedication of its teachers and staff,” Anderson said.

Additionally, he feels that as Pickerington grows, the district needs to restructure how it guides and educates a more diverse student population.

“While keeping the traditional values that have made this a great community and school system, we must investigate and incorporate new strategies to ensure that our students will have the educational opportunities to succeed in a rapidly changing world,” Anderson said.

Who is Steve Anderson?

“I am from Akron, Ohio, and I attended the University of Akron,” Anderson said. “My wife, also a retired Pickerington teacher, and I have a son and daughter.  We farm and enjoy travel.”

Why he’s a good fit for the Pickerington School Board:

“I believe that as a former educator I bring a perspective to the table that no current board member or candidate has.”

For more information on Steve Anderson, please visit his campaign page on Facebook.

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