“Days of Knights” Revisits Middle Ages

October 9, 2021

On October 9 and 10, the annual Days of Knights event took place in Fairfield County. Days of Knights is a national not-for-profit educational organization that hosts and organizes an annual living history event. The first Days of Knights took place in Frankfort, Kentucky in 2012 and has been held each year since. In 2019, the organization moved to Charles Alley Nature Park in Lancaster.

Per the Days of Knights website, the event is “a public educational event that strives to bring you a historically accurate re-creation of several time periods from the era known as the Middle Ages.  Visitors will be able to walk through a timeline encampment featuring living history enthusiasts re-creating the Norman invaders of Britain in 1066, crusaders from the 1200s, archers and knights from the 100 Years War, and many others.”