Shafer New Fairfield Co. Park Director

December 16, 2022 – By Kimber Caito, Media Coordinator, Fairfield County Park District

Congratulations to Marcey Shafer on her new position as Director of the Fairfield County Park District (FCPD). Photo provided by FCPD

Fairfield County Board of Park Commissioners announces that effective December 18, 2021, Marcey Shafer will take over as new Director of Fairfield County Park District (FCPD).  In June of 2021, Marcey was assigned the role of interim director.  With focus and a clear vision for the direction she wants to take the District; she stepped up to the task.  Board Chairman Jeffrey Feyko said, “After a rigorous selection process, we are proud to announce Marcey was selected from the candidates and offered the position.”

After leaving Ohio State University with a degree in Natural Resources, Marcey started a career in park services.  She worked as a contractor and an intern at Lancaster City Parks & Recreation.  Her experience includes work as a naturalist for 14 years with Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks.

In 2017, she started working as Education Services Coordinator with Fairfield County Park District.  She began the annual Winter Hike at Smeck Park.  The fourth annual hike will be Saturday, January 8, 2022; it is a tradition she hopes to see continued.  Marcey focused on partnership development, volunteer management, school field trips, and creating pandemic-friendly programs.  

“My plan is to continue developing and improving the current parks, offering a variety of program opportunities, and opening two new parks within the next ten years,” said Shafer.  “As a long-time resident of Fairfield County, I know this is a great place to live and work.  I am thrilled to lead the park district and will do what I can to help residents and visitors appreciate the treasures we have!”

The purpose of Fairfield County Park District is “to protect and conserve natural and historical features of Fairfield County and inspire outdoor exploration.”  Founded in 1981, FCPD now operates more than 1,110 acres of natural areas and open spaces for education, recreation, and conservation, and preserves and maintains many historical features.”

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